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6 - 22 May 2016


A handsome plaque is available for contacting special event stations at the 2016 IIHF World Hockey Championship, which this year will take place in Russia, in the cities of Moscow and St. - Petersburg during the period 6 to 22 May.

To earn the plaques it will be necessary to contact (or SWL/observation) with each of the 16 special stations, using any bands and modes during the days of activity (6 - 22 May 2016). A contact with R16REF supersedes any two missing stations. 

(Amateur radio operators in North and South America, Africa and Oceania need only contact eight of the special stations.)

Alternatively, you need to earn 60 points, according to the provisions of the diploma. At the same time, each contact with a special station = 2 points. Ham radio operators in North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania will earn 4 points for each special event station. . In this case, the allowed repetitions may be for contacts on different bands and different modes.

The plaques are 200 x 250 mm in size and constructed on a glossy silver material.

Cost of Plaques:
1. Russian stations: 1700 rubles Sberbank card.

2. CIS countries 2200 rubles through Unistream or WESTERN UNION.

3. Foreign radio amateurs $US44 or 39€. Payment may be made via PayPal.

4. The price includes shipping by registered post with track number, Avia-mail.

The first radio amateur to fulfill the conditions of earning the plaque, get it for free at number # 001.

The first three teams - promoters, who have spent the greatest amount of a QSO, plaques will also be sent free of charge.

Questions and requests in a free form, may be addressed to:
More information will appear soon on the official website of the program:




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