Amateur Radio On Israel National Trail - 4X4Trail

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The Israel National Trail, is a hiking path that was inaugurated in 1995. The trail crosses the entire country of Israel. Its northern end is at Dan, near the Lebanese border in the far north of the country, and it extends to Eilat at the southernmost tip of Israel on the Red Sea, a length of 1,100 km (680 mi).  The trail is marked with three stripes (white, blue, and orange), and takes an average of 45-60 days to complete. It does not enter the Golan Heights or the West Bank. The Israel National Trail has been listed in National Geographic's 20 most "epic trails." It is described as a trail that "delves into the grand scale of biblical landscapes as well as the everyday lives of the modern Israeli." Since January 2016, the Israel National Trail can be explored on Google Street View. Israel National Trail on Google Street View.

When you hear the special call sign 4X4TRAIL on the air, it means an operator is activating from one of the 46 sections of Israel National Trail. Usually the operator will give the section number as a suffix e.g. if the activation is from "Mount Tabor", which is in the 8th section of the trail, he will be calling as 4X4Trail/8.

Radio operators that would work this special call sign, may ask for a nice certificate (The activators are responsible for uploading their logs so you don’t have to submit any QSO data.)
We will issue awards to stations working 10, 20, 30 and all 46 "Israel National Trail" sections.

Their website has a place to enter your call sign to see how many of the trail sections you have completed.

Not much information other than as presented here.

Nor are there specific instructions for applying that I could find, nor any e-mail address..

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