The Volzhsky Diploma

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22-25 July 2016


Sponsored by the Radio club "Friends" Volzhsky (Radio Club "Comrade" Volzhsky).  To obtain the award this year (2016), make contacts with stations shown below between 22 and 24 July 2016. (These are special days of activity) Stations from Volzhski town to make at least 62 QSOs , and for all others, to earn 62 points.

Point Values:
Individual Stations located in town of Volzhski (Volgograd region). = 5 points.
Collective/club station RC4AC = 10 points.
Collective/club stations UE09VG and UE62VLZ = 15 points
Repeated contacts are permitted if made on different bands and in different modes. (Except mixed).

During the days of activity of the Volga individual stations listed will be active. Look for:  R4AF, R4AS, R4BA, RA4AGB, RA4ALZ, RA4AOI, RA4APM, RA4AV, RC4A, RN4AAL, RN4ACU, RN4ADI, RN4AE, RN4AH, RN4AL, RN4AZ, RQ4A, RT4B , RW4AU, RZ4AJ, RZ4AP, UA4AAS , UA4AFM, UA4AGP, UA4AKR, UA4APP, UA4ATL, UA4AVN, UA4BT, UG4A.

An application for the award is should be in the format of a log extract (with all the basic data on the contacts shown, such as: Date, Band, UTC, Call , Mode, Name, QTH in any form (preferably at ADIF) format sent by e-mail at the following address:

The DIPLOMA is free of charge and will be sent in electronic form by e- Mail Address to the address of the applicant.


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