WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX #1258 29 June 2016

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA   9855  on June 22 at 2330 UT, R. Tirana amid Albanian hour to
North America is very poor, but what I can hear is the same humroar as
I have been getting during 0130 UT English on same.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 22)

re RT Shijak June 22 / June 23

7464.976  Radio Tirana Shijak, Italian sce noted at 1658-1712 UT on
June 23. Transmitter FAULTY performance, no real audio heard, no
interval signal noted, no voice, no music parts on reliable signal level.

Listen to enclosed recording in ogg.format, and two screenshot taken
in Italy and Belgium remote SDR unit installations in Western Europe, bad
slim audio signal visible like a wide GARDEN FENCE single-each string
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22 / 23)

ALBANIA   7465, June 25 at 1754 UT via the University Twente remote SDR,
R. Tirana with folk music which would have been quite nice were it not for
the distortion and hum. Ivo Ivanov, Bulgarian monitor, agrees that all the
RT broadcasts to Europe are also this way:

Radio Tirana with awful modulation, extreme distortion, June 25

0700-0900 7390 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to WeEu Albanian Daily, relay HS-1
1700-1730 7465 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to SoEu Italian Mon-Sat
1730-1800 7465 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to WeEu French  Mon-Sat
1931-2000 7465 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to WeEu German  Mon-Sat
2000-2030 7465 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to U.K. English Mon-Sat
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld and hcdx June 25)

ALBANIA   7389.974 kHz Still distorted audio outlet of shortwave at Shijak
Albania, noted HEAVY BUZZ tone at 0725 UT on June 26.

S=9+15dB signal heard in southern Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.
7389.974 kHz R Tirana SW Shijak June 26, 0725 UT, listen to DISTORTED
audio RECORDING in mp3.format.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

ARGENTINA   11711.97, June 24 at 0121 UT, JBA carrier here but nothing on
11710.6 to 11710.7 kHz, usual area for RAE, so is this it? Nor anything on
15344v kHz, and shortly 11711.97 kHz is gone too. Still nothing at 0210 UT
final check.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 24)

Yes Glenn, - nothing heard out of RAE Argentine, when checked both 11710v
and 15343v kHz in night June 23 / 24 / 25.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

ARGENTINA   RAE Buenos Aires, 15343.964 kHz, on June 9, 2016, at 1803 UT,
small 4 kHz wide audio, and distorted audio of 2 x 2 kHz wide span.
S=9+10dB or -68dBm. Listen to the ogg format audio file in box


11710.570, accurate measured at 0130-0200 UT slot on June 15. Used remote
SDR units in NJ, MA, MI, and Edmonton Alberta-CAN. S=8 in MA-NJ-USA, S=7
in Edmonton Alberta. Nice Latin American songs heard in supposedly ?
Japanese service from General Pacheco. Nothing on 15343v kHz at this hour.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 15, via dxld ng)

11710.521 - .532 kHz accurate measured at 0020-0058 UT slot on June 16.
Used remote SDR units in Madrid and Belgium, NJ, MA, MI-USA, in Edmonton
Alberta-CAN, and Brisbane Queensland.

Best signal in Madrid Spain, S=9+10dB or -64dBm little fluttery. S=7 in
MA-NJ-USA, S=7 in Edmonton Alberta. Nice Latin American songs and guitar
music heard on supposedly Portuguese service of RAE from General Pacheco.
Nothing on 15343v kHz at this hour.

Frequency unstable, started at 0020 UT on 11710.521 kHz, wandered at
x.525, x.527, x.530, to 11710.523 kHz at 0057 UT June 16. 11710.546 kHz at
0129 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 16; dxld)

ARGENTINA  [and non]   Free Media Plurality.


Buenos Aires, June 11 (Prensa Latina) In a new action against media
plurality, after removing Telesur from Open Digital Television (TDA), the
Argentine government of President Mauricio Macri also eliminated Russia
Today (RT) from that public system.

RT was broadcast on TDA, a free and open network of TV channels created by
the government of Cristina Fernandez, so that more people could have
access to television nationwide.

It was the result of an agreement signed by the then Argentine head of
State and Russian President Vladimir Putin in October 2014 and made public
through a videoconference.

The new leadership of Radio y Television Argentina Sociedad del Estado
(RTA SE), which administers the country's state-owned media, suspended the
broadcasts of RT, a decision that was officially informed to the Russian
TV network on Thursday, RT reported.

According to the official communication from RTA SE, the suspension of RT
broadcasts will be effective in 60 days, according to RT. Two days before,
on June 7, RTA SE sent a similar communication to Telesur, although the
deadline to suspend its broadcast on TDA is only 15 days.

Previously, the Macri administration decided to terminate the contract by
virtue of which the Argentine State participated as a stakeholder in
Telesur, because it was shared by other countries like Bolivia, Cuba,
Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The communication was sent on March 27, 2016, by the president of Sistema
Federal de Medios y Contenidos Publicos de Argentina, Hernan Lombardi.

However, days before that, the company Cablevision, a property of the
monopolistic group Clarin, had removed the broadcasts of Telesur from its
offer of cable channels. That way, Argentina became the first founding
partner of Telesur to leave the Latin American channel.

Despite the verse [sic] that they defend the plurality of voices, they are
precisely silencing plural voices, those that are not functional because
they defend the reality, the truth that they do not want to be known and
to transcend, said the Argentinean political scientist Stella Calloni.

Even before terminating the agreements with Telesur and now with Russia
Today, the new authorities of the state-owned news agency Telam decided to
rescind a reciprocity and cooperation agreement with the Latin American
News Agency Prensa Latina.

The leadership of Telam informed Prensa Latina of such a decision on
February 18, 2016. jg/rc/mh Modificado el. Escrito por Juan M. Garcia,
sabado 11 de junio de 2016.
(via Mike Cooper, dxld June 15)

ARMENIA   Fuer Hoerer in Asien interessant: Am Mittwoch, den 22. Juni 2016
realisieren wir fuer einen Kunden wieder eine Sendung via Sender Yerevan
Gavar. Zu hoeren zwischen 11 und 12 UT auf 15780 kHz Richtung 100 degr mit
einer Leistung von 100 kW. Die gleiche Sendung wird am Abend ab 18 Uhr UT
auf 6005 kHz via Kall nochmals ausgestrahlt.

Die "Voice of TheReportoftheWeek"  <vorwinfo -at->
ist die geneigte QSL Adresse.
(Christian Milling-D, A-DX ng June 20)

{automatic G. translation}
ARMENIA  For people who interested in Asia target on shortwave:

On Wednesday, 22 June 2016, we realize again for a customer via R700
Euskirchen Germany FMO and via CJSC on bc center transmitter Yerevan

To hear 11 to 12 UT on 15780 kHz, azimuth in direction of 100 degr.
With an output of 100 kW. The same program is broadcast on the evening
via 6005 kHz on Kall Germany site, also again on June 22 from 18 UT.

The "Voice of TheReportoftheWeek" QSL address  <vorwinfo -at->
(Christian Milling-D, A-DX ng June 20)

Seemingly mainlobe of 100/280 degrees of antennas A86 / A87,
see Gavar image at


Other azimuths are 78 degr towards Japan, China, Korea,
or 305 degr to central Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 20)

Hello Christian,
checked the "Voice of TheReportoftheWeek" CJSC outlet on bc center
transmitter Yerevan Gavar relay today June 22 on 15780 kHz.

Nothing - NIL - heard when checked Thailand (Uwe's SDR),
nor at Brisbane Australia,
nor any signal in Japan Far East posts.

Noted 11.00:03 UTC heard ID Chimes carillon S=9 in Moscow Russia

remote post, even more than fair at S=8 level in Doha Qatar ME,

S=4-5 poor in Greece, Calabria-Sicily, Madrid Spain.

Nearly nil signal on threshold in Hungary, Poland, Austria
or southern Germany.

BUT SURPRISINGLY good signal noted on Dutch remote SDR in Perseus net,
located on North Sea coast near Lauwersoog / Schiermonnikoog island coast,
using dipols near the beach line coast.

Listen to enclosed recording:

recording start taken at Moscow, followed 1.04 m/s by Doha Qatar remote,
followed by Northsea Holland coast line unit at 01.40m and 02.03 min/sec.

At 1132 UT heard station ID given and spelled by the presenter like
<vorwinfo -at->

all reception reports will be verified by a QSL

Few minutes after 11.00 UT a highspeed FastCW / RTTY signal noted on lower
sideband.  73 wolfgang df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

re: The Voice of The Report of The Week.
So what is this about, from whom??? Does anyone listen to it for content?

Listening to Wolfy's bits of clips running 3+ minutes, I can only glean:

American accent, speaking informally, says it's about reviewing products
having nothing to do with shortwave radio. Had been on WBCQ 7490 kHz
Tue & Thur until ran out of funds. And would reach Asia better anyway via
Armenia. Febr. 20, 2016 was the fifth anniversary of ROTW [cut, and
something was planned to happen?] I don't recall ever hearing such a
program on WBCQ nor anything by that title on the schedule; but maybe that
was five years ago? I haven't had time to listen to Ivo's recordings. Jose
Miguel Romero2 received a prompt E-QSL from "John" but again no clue as
to what this is really about.

Going to a support link at patreon finally gets this:

"Here at TheReportOfTheWeek, we mainly produce reviews of Food (Fast or
Frozen Food) and Energy Drinks and we also produce a podcast called VORW
(Voice of TheReportOfTheWeek) as well as a weekly shortwave broadcast
which goes by the same name (VORW).

While this channel does not have a high budget, in order to attain the
latest products to review, and in order to maintain the channel and keep
the VORW shortwave broadcast on the air we need YOUR help.

Your donations will...

1) Allow me to attain the latest and most popular fast food items in
order to inform, educate and entertain the public in the soonest time

2) Allow me to attain fan requested Food/Drink items in order to
review them, and cater to viewer requests.

3) Maintain the basic infrastructure of the channel and its contents.

4) Work to return the VORW shortwave broadcast to the airwaves
depending on viewer support/opinions, and allow for regular broadcasts
to be produced and transmitted to listeners around the globe.

5) Let me expand to new projects (such as new review series' and
possibly return the Idle Mind Lectures) and move the channel

A way to lower one's food bill?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld and hcdx June 22)

ARMENIA/GERMANY   Tipp: Radio - Menschen & Geschichten am 26 June 2016

Hallo zusammen, - am Wochenende ist wieder RMG-Zeit.

Diesmal planen wir u.A. eine Schalte auf die HAM Radio in Friedrichshafen
zum Stand der ADDX, wir philosophieren ueber den Sinn und Unsinn einiger
"einmal-im-Jahr" Sendungen auf Kurzwelle, und erwarten einige spannende
Gespraeche mit Radioschaffenden aus aller Welt.

... und wenn wir 10 Leute finden, die jeweils 7 EURo uebrig haben, dann
koennen wir auch noch 'ne Stunde ueber Gavar Armenien raushauen
(natuerlich mit detaillierter QSL) :)

Wow, Ihr seid echt der Hammer! MILLE GRAZIE!

Zusaetzlich zu
10 Uhr MESZ (08 UT) auf 6045 kHz via MBR Nauen und
       7310 kHz via Kall Eifel (Livesendung).
12 Uhr MESZ (10 UT) auf 6005 kHz via Kall Eifel (Wiederholung).
19 Uhr MESZ (17 UT) auf 3985 kHz via Kall Eifel (Wiederholung).

Schieben wir als "Entspannungspause" zwischen den EM Spielen Deutschland-
Slowakei und Ungarn-Belgien noch die Armenien Extrasendung ein:

20 Uhr MESZ-CEST (18 UT, June 26) auf 12070 kHz via Yerevan Gavar Armenia
(repeat -Wiederholung), 100 kW auf Antenne 305 degr azimuth.
(Christian Milling-D, A-DX ng June 23)

ARMENIA/BULGARIA   12070even frequency via bc center transmitter Yerevan
Gavar relay, from 1751 UT on June 26 noted already carrier on air.

Radio - Menschen & Geschichten {radio - people and stories}
- am 26 June 2016, 18-19 UT via Gavar Armenia.

The event was one hour time - brought forward due of the EURO 2016
football tournament schedule.

Adjacent Sofia Kostinbrod on 12075 kHz channel carrier BVB Persian program
til 18 UT, and follwed by English language sce of "End Times Coming"
program 1800-1830 UT.

12075 kHz Sofia Kostinbrod is   S=9+30dB or -41dBm strong signal,
12070 kHz Gavar Yerevan Armenia S=9+10dB or -63dBm.
12065 kHz RA Shepparton only    S=8-9 signal.

At same time some channels are already neighbour low/upper side free:
11510 11720 11845 11870, and 12105 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

ASCENSION ISL/UAE/U.K.   BBC Antartica Special Winter Solstice
on June 21, 2130 UT. Bcast signed OFF exact at 22.00.08 UT.

Reception in Europe (Mediterranean Sea Area, Hungary, Austria, Central
Europe, Poland, Moscow Russia, and Central Sweden remote posts).

As usual as every year Al Dhabbaya UAE transmission is only fair due of
sidelobe path from UAE site towards Europe target.
6035 kHz is S=9+35dB signal in Doha Qatar ME.
S=7-8 in Central Europe, S=9+5dB in Warsaw Poland.
Better S=9+20dB as near like backlobe at Moscow Russia remote unit.

7360 From Ascension South Atlantic, S=9+35dB excellent also audio,
on all CeEuropean remote SDR posts, S=9+25dB in Moscow and Poland,
S=9+10dB in Central Sweden.

5985 out of Babcock Woofferton-UK,
POWERHOUSE in central Europe at S=9+45dB signal level,
S=9+25dB in Moscow, Russia sidelobe,
S=9+35dB backlobe in Central Sweden, north of Stockholm.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 21)

Test already on Tuesday June 14: excellent WOF and ASC signals to state
tonight. So, I checked various remote SD receiver sites in Europe tonight,
in Spain, Italy, and Greece:

ASC 7360 was ONLY CARRIER around 2136 UT S=9+20dB or -48dBm strength.
WOF 5985 kHz S=9+50dB or -24dBm.
WOF 9720 kHz S=9+45dB or -29dBm.
UAE 6035 kHz S=7-8 sidelobe, but also audio low modulated, couldn't
trace any program item, sure Europe is NOT the target area.

Woofferton and Ascension switched off around  2145:10 UT.
UAE Al Dhabbaya heard still til switch-off at 2147:35 UT.

The only adjacent QRM interference noted on 7360 / 7365 kHz channel,
of German low power domestic service from HCJB Weenermoor. But for
sure, that 'latter' is no issue in Antarctic target. 73 wolfy df5sx
(wb, ibid.)
[Later: loser is 9720 kHz, keep the rest,
Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld June 15]

7360, June 21 at 2130 UT, no signal, but by 2135 UT a JBA carrier, i.e.
BBC ASCENSION relay with the yearly mid-winter special to the British
Antarctic Survey. Not expecting to hear 6035 kHz UAE or 5985 kHz
Woofferton at all, and do not. Too bad, the fourth possible frequency,
9720 kHz Woofferton as tested a week ago, has been nixed.

From 2148 via University Twente The Netherlands remote SDR access, 5985
kHz Woofferton and 7360 kHz Ascension are good; 6035 kHz UAE audible and
of course slightly off-frequency. Talking about Antarctic research;
greetings from family members to those wintering over, and bits of music.
Should be a fun listen if archived.

BTW, Ascension is issuing 3 July a neat set of six stamps commemorating
the fiftieth anniversary of the BBC Relay Station.
Tnx to Juan Franco Crespo, details already and illustrated in the dxld yg.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld and hcdx June 22)

I just received an email from Dave Porter
<transmissiontest -at->

He said that he isn't the official QSL contact/verie signer for these
tests so he suggested to send reception report to BBC World Service in

I just sent an email to Babcock Media Services via their website's contact
form requesting a QSL. In addition I will send my emailed reception report
to <worldservice.letters -at-> . Maybe I'll get a verification
from whatever side. I will send a RR for tonight's BBCWS broadcast to the
Antarctica (2130-2200 UT June 21) to Babcock Media Services and BBC World

The special Antarctic Mid Winter broadcast of the BBC is audible with
greetings to those "stranded" in the Antarctic and music with very good
signal on 5985 kHz.
(Manfred Reiff-D, dxld June 21)

[ANTARCTICA]   BBC Special Winter Solstice transmission.

The BBC World Service's yearly broadcast to Antarctica will take place on
the 21st of June from 2130-2200 UT. The broadcast is aimed at the members
of staff working at the four British bases on Antarctica with an intended
audience of just 44 people. The BBC explains how theses are split across
the bases:

"There are just eight among the seals and penguins of King Edward Point on
South Georgia and only four at nearby Bird Island. The biggest base,
Rothera, on the Antarctic Peninsula houses 19 winterers - the population
can reach 100 in the Summer. Furthest south still is Halley VI on the
Brant ice shelf where the Sun does not rise for many weeks and
temperatures of -30 degr C are made worse by bitter winds. But life is
more comfortable for the 13 lucky residents because they are in the
futuristic new modules of Halley VI - the previous five bases have either
been dismantled or even lost beneath the ice."

The broadcast which is timed to fall on the winter solstice for the
Southern Hemisphere will be broadcast on the following shortwave

7360 kHz, from Ascension Island, 207 degrees
5985 kHz, from Woofferton UK,    184 degrees
6035 kHz, from Al Dhabayya UAE,  203 degrees

Thanks to Dejan Calovski from the BBC World Service audience relations for
confirming that these three frequencies will be used. A test took place
on the 16th [sic 2015?, rather 14th in 2016, wb.] of June at 2130 UT which
used the above three frequencies > and also 9590 [sic, 9720] kHz from
Woofferton at 182 degrees.
(Frank Kreuzinger-D, A-DX ng June 20)

[ANTARCTICA]   Midwinter's Day in Antarctica: broadcast tonight June 21.


On Tuesday June 21st, scientists and support staff based at research
stations in Antarctica will celebrate Midwinter's Day, the shortest day of
the Austral Winter. In a tradition that goes back to the early days of
exploration on the continent, British Antarctic Survey (BAS) staff will
sit down to a festive meal and exchange gifts.

They will also listen to the BBC World Service's annual Midwinter's Day
broadcast. This year's programme is presented by Cerys Matthews of BBC
Radio 6 Music and will include personal greetings to everyone working at
BAS' research stations. BAS has four stations which it operates over the
winter months; Bird Island, Kind Edward Point, Rothera and Halley VI.
There are a total of 46 staff wintering at those stations.

In her message to staff BAS Director, Jane Francis, said everyone would be
thinking of those currently working in Antarctica as they sat down to
their meals. She spoke of a busy time ahead for the organisation with
various major projects in the pipeline as well as the building of a new

Staff at Rothera Research Station will hold their festivities next week.
They postponed the event to focus on the task of assisting the US National
Antarctic Programme with a medical evacuation from its Amundsen-Scott
station at the South Pole. The runway at Rothera has had to be cleared to
allow aircraft used in the evacuation to land and refuel.

People can tweet greetings to those working in Antarctica by using the
hashtag #BASmidwinter

The BBC World Service Midwinter's Day programme will be broadcast
from 2130 to 2200 (GMT) on Tuesday 21st June on the following frequencies;

7360 kHz, Ascension,   207 degrees

5985 kHz, Woofferton,  184 degrees [not on 9720 kHz !]

6035 kHz, Al Dhabayya, 203 degrees

British Antarctic Survey

(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK ng June 21)

The BBC Antarctic Survey Special broadcast from last night is now also
available on iPlayer at:

British Antarctic Survey Special 2016, British Antarctic Survey Special -
BBC World Service: Music requests and special messages for the staff at
the British Antarctic Survey

View on


(I thought Cerys Matthews was an excellent choice as presenter - her clear
Welsh voice well-suited to shortwave (BBCWS take note!).

Although aimed at the 45 BAS personnel in Antarctica, the programme also
seemed to recognise there might be other listeners, e.g. by mentioning
that Hailey Base was being moved 24 km due to a crack (chasm?) in the ice.
Also a good example of how to fit so much into 30mins - well done the
independent producers (Boffin Media?)!

Armchair quality reception on 5985 from Woofferton here in Caversham BTW.
73, Alan.
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK ng June 22)

ASCENSION ISL   50 Years of the BBC on Ascension Island.

Way back in 1964 a party of BBC engineers set sail on the Union Castle
line from Southampton to Ascension Island to carry out a site survey for a
Short Wave Relay Station to be located on Ascension Island. Their findings
were favourable, Ascension Island being ideally located in the centre of
the South Atlantic Ocean roughly midway between the continents of Africa
and South America. They located an ideal reasonably flat site on this
volcanic island on the Northern Coast of the island, at English Bay, and a
suitable location for a short wave receiving station in a screened valley
at Butt Crater. The power requirements for the transmitters required a
large diesel fired power station to be constructed. A village at Two Boats
was constructed to house the new influx of BBC Staff.

Some two years later on Sunday 3rd July 1966, the first short wave
broadcasts from the BBC Atlantic Relay Station were heard in Africa and
South America.

Original Control Desk
The 20p denomination stamp features the operation of the receiving station
control desk with the Presentation and Administration Officer at work in
the recording studio. The scene dates from the very early days of the
station operation. Programmes broadcast on short wave radio from the UK
were received off air on Ascension and then re transmitted from the
transmitting station at English Bay. These live news programmes were
supplemented by programmes shipped to the Island on magnetic tape,
together with local interval announcements recorded in a small studio on
tape cassettes. These facilities were all housed at the Butt Crater
Receiving Station.

A rudimentary relay control system programmed using links plugged into a
pegboard selected the correct receiver to the correct transmitter chain
and fired off the tape machines and cassette machines at the correct
times. This arrangement continued virtually unchanged until 1979, when the
receiving station became remotely controlled from the English Bay
transmitting station. The original building still remains on the Island,
but is now used for other purposes.

Klinka Klub
The 25p denomination stamp shows the BBC Klinka Klub, with some of the
short wave antenna array towers in the background. After a long shift at
the transmitting station staff and their families could relax at the
nearby BBC staff social club, named the Klinka Klub, after the volcanic
rock deposits that are common on the Island. This beach hut was
constructed close to English Bay and contains a collection of engraved
plaques as a who's who of former staff who have served the BBC on this
island during its 50 years. It is a popular haunt for evening BBQ's close
to the beach. The building remains today as a social club for the benefit
of all Islanders and their families.

Atlantic Relay Station English Bay
The 50p denomination stamp shows a scene almost unchanged throughout the
life of the station, a view looking over English Bay Beach towards the BBC
station. The transmitting station was originally constructed in 1966 with
4 high power Marconi shortwave transmitters and 20 short wave antennas,
broadcasting short wave radio programmes to Africa and South America. The
site underwent its first major refurbishment in the mid 1980's. Two
additional Marconi transmitters and 4 new antennas were added to the site,
a satellite dish was installed to allow direct satellite reception of BBC
programme feeds from London, bringing about the closure of the Butt Crater
receiving station. The site was again re-engineered in 2007.

Current Transmitting Station
The 55p denomination shows a view of the new transmitter building which
was refurbished in 2007 and houses 4 state of the art fully automatic high
power short wave transmitters. These transmitters together with a fully
automated station control system allow the site to be completely
unattended, and the site operates with only a maintenance team on Island,
all routine transmitter and antenna operation being fully automated. Today
the station broadcasts BBC short wave radio programmes to large audiences
in Africa in English, French and Hausa.

BBC Wind Turbines
As part of the 2007 re-engineering the BBC invested in a Wind Farm which
is shown on the 65p denomination stamp. Ascension is blessed with a near
constant cooling wind being located directly in the Trade Winds. Formerly
totally reliant on diesel fuel for electricity generation, five 330kW wind
turbines located close to the shore at English Bay provide an average of
25% of the island's electricity demands.

Current Transmitting Station
The £1.60 denomination shows the main office of the transmitting station.
The site is now operated and maintained by our contractors Babcock
International. The scene shows the BBC flag - only flown when BBC visitors
are present on the island. The Babcock Station Manager has an office with
possibly the best office view in the world - overlooking the wide expanses
of the South Atlantic Ocean where dolphins can often be spotted offshore.

Text by Robert Hammond, Manager Developments, BBC World Service Group.

Technical Details
Designer Robin Carter
Printer Cartor Security Printing
Process Stochastic lithography
Stamp Size 42 x 28mm
Sheet Format 10
Perforation 13.25  x  13.5  per 2cms
Release Date 3 July 2016
Production Co-ordination Creative Direction (Worldwide) Ltd

BBC logo - BBC Babcock Logo - Babcock International
For further information, please contact either Charles Pobjoy
Pobjoy Mint Ltd, Tel: +44 (0) 1737 818181, Fax: +44 (0) 1737 818199
email: <charles -at->  or
Avril Hadden email: <ahadden -at->  web <>
(PRESS RELEASE SA/59/07/16, via Juan Franco Crespo-ESP, dxld June 22)

AUSTRALIA   15574.977  Reach Beyond Australia (HCA) in Rawang to golden
triangle Myanmar/Thailand area ... at 1206 UT on June 25, heard in eastern
Thailand remote SDR unit. RBA-HCA 1100-1215 UT transmission towards Tibet,
Vietnam, Falam / Haka / Chin, Myanmar target.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

BHUTAN   6035.0, BBS on June 24 noted PBS Yunnan again with non-stop
classical western instrumental music 1207 UT till ending audio at 1209 UT,
but seemed to leave transmitter on with open carrier; BBS noted with usual
format till off at 1217* UT, when I was still hearing the PBS open

*June 26 with BBS running much later than normal.*
PBS Yunnan closed down about 1200 UT, leaving BBS in the clear; 1227-1230
UT chanting/singing with indigenous music; 1230-1257 UT the normal Sunday
program with YL chatting on the phone with mostly young girls; 1257-1300
UT indigenous music; 1300-1310 UT seemed to be news in vernacular; 1310,
1313, 1315 UT usual brief indigenous instrumental music; 1315 UT back to
chatting on the phone, but this segment with adult caller and who sang
over the phone (no music), so must have been giving amateurs a chance to
air their talent;
*suddenly off at 1328 UT*.
My local sunrise at 1251 UT and Thimphu sunset at 1300 UT, so some nice
grayline reception.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and dxld June 24)

BRAZIL   11764.651, on June 18 at 0551 UT, SRDA Curitiba is finally
reactivated! It's been absent for several weeks, and I have always been
alert for this tell-tale split frequency carrier on almost nightly
bandscans. Weak screaming gospel huxter in Brazuguese via the R-75 has got
to be this.

Then a quick check of all the other off-frequency ZYs finds these on and
propagating, without measuring their offness: 11935v, 11925v, 11855v,
9820v, 9725v, 9665v, 9645v kHz; and maybe 9565 kHz, which has a big
problem with the Cuban jammers which won't turn off long after Radio Marti
is finished with this frequency.

11764.63, on June 20 at 0135 UT, SRDA's JBA carrier here on the NRD-545
buried in heavy splash from 11760 kHz RHC. Just before that from 0131 UT
I checked out other ZYs, starting with 11934.9 kHz, Radio RB2, which was
missing, yet other 25ms detectable: 11925.2 kHz S1, 11854.9 kHz JBA
carrier, 11815.0 kHz VP S2 music, presumed R. Brasil Central now active
but as usual inaudible on // 4985 kHz if on under all the RTTY; 11780.0
kHz is S=9+20dB.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld and hcdx June 22)

BULGARIA   Reception of IRRS Radio Warra Wangeelaa-ti,
via SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod relay, on June 25
1500-1530 15515 SCB 50 kW 195 deg to EaAF Oromo Sat
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

CHINA   13760  VoA Tibetan not heard, instead heard CNR1 jamming, S=7 in
remote SDR post in eastern Thailand at 0030-0100 UT on June 25, scheduled
0000-0100 UT 13760 kHz UDO 250 kW 324 deg to CeAS Tibetan-not, ...

Checked the 25 to 13 meterbands during 0000-0100 UT gap on remote SDR unit
in eastern Thailand, close to Cambodian border coast line.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]

11630even exact frequency. CNR17 Lingshi #725 bcast center site, powerful
S=9+15dB Kazakh sce 2300-1850 UT, S=9+15dB or -62dBm powerful signal.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25 /26)

CONGO, Dem. Rep.   5066.40  Radio Tele Candip, Bunia, at 1912-2016* UT on
June 04 and 18, vernacular comments, radiodrama, 1957 UT song and drums,
conversation until abrupt s/off, 35333.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP; and Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

ETHIOPIA   6110 kHz, at 1820 UT on June 16. Radio Fana from Ethiopia with
Ethiopian / African music plus talks in Amharic - S=9+10dB. At 1800 UT in
parallel with Radio Oromiya at 6030 kHz - much weaker.
(Manfred R. Reiff-D, dxld June 22)

6110even exact fq. R Fana played HoA music/singer at 0432 UT on June 27.
Proper S=7-8 signal even surprisingly after morning EaAF fade-out towards

5950even fq, similar signal strength also here with HoA music, probably
Voice of Tigray Revolution radio, undoubtedly with more than fair S=7-8 or
-81dBm signal, nice signal at 0438 UT on June 27.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 27)

FRANCE   Reception of Radio Publique Africaine via TDF, June 24
1800-1858 15480 ISS 250 kW 145 deg to SoAF Kirundi/French only:
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

FRANCE/GERMANY   Radio Tamazuj with two different programs via MBR June 24
1430-1500 15150 NAU 125 kW 152 deg to EaAF Juba Arabic, not // 15550
1430-1500 15550 ISS 250 kW 134 deg to EaAF Juba Arabic, not // 15150
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

GERMANY   25 June 2016 -> DLR-Kultur Berlin - Aus den Archiven
25 June 2016, 05:05 Uhr MESZ/CEST or 0305 UTC.
from the radio archives.

"Am Anfang war das Radio" (part 1 of 7)
Die Entstehung des Rundfunks in Deutschland, Grossbritannien
und Oesterreich.
Von Heinz Schroeter
RIAS Berlin 1971year. Vorgestellt von Michael Groth
(part 2 on 30 July 2016)
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX ng June 25)

GERMANY   11650  European Music R, MBR Nauen, at *0700-0725 UT on June 19,
ID: "This is European Music Radio ...", pop music, English, comments. Very
good signal 55555.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP; via Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

Scheduled on June 19 at 0700-0800 UT to Southern Europe - Portugal and
Spain via KBC.
Website:  <>
email:    <emrshortwave -at->
(Taylor, June 10; via Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

HUNGARY   The transmitter of Kossuth Radio in Solt on 540 kHz will be
renovated. From 30 May to 9 June 2016 it will broadcast only from 0353 to
1905 UT. From 11 to 25 July and 22 August to 19 September the transmitter
will be OFF. During this period Kossuth Radio will be broadcast from
Siofok and Szolnok in sync mode (ex Katolikus Radio transmitters):

Siofok Balatonszabadi 150 kW, and Szolnok 135 kW.

From 19 September 2016 Solt will work with a brand new transmitter with
2000 kW output.
(Tringer Laszlo, 20 May via June BrDXC-UK 'Communication'
magazine via dxld June 15)

Probably sync mode on 1341 kHz ?

Szolnok location       47 11 19.91 N  20 13 45.06 E

Siofok Balatonszabadi  46 55 18.18 N  18 06 49.97 E

INDIA   Leh on 4740 kHz channel. Radio Kashmir Leh noted last night sign
off at 1630 UT on 4740 (instead of 4760) kHz, Very strong! Yours
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, <>  DXindia June 23)

INDIA   Leh 4740 kHz. Listen to the recording, taken on remote SDR unit at
Delhi India today June 23.

4739.9985 kHz measured against nearby 60mb references
4765 kHz Dushanbe TJK, 4835 kHz ABC NT Australia,
and 5000 kHz time and standard signal from WWVH Hawaii-USA.

Taken at 1355 UT on June 23. S=9+20 or -53dBm signal.
Audio was like obermodulated / distorted quality kind.

IND__Leh_4739.9985_1355UT_20160623.ogg  file
download and play from


Unfortunatelly distorted audio quality. OGG is an audio format of the
Technical University Zurich, Switzerland, last some 8 years ago of

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

INDIA   Another unscheduled English broadcast of All India Radio, June 24
0830-1135 11620*DEL 250 kW 334 deg to SoAS Urdu, as scheduled in A-16
1135-1140 11620*DEL 250 kW 334 deg to SoAS English News Bulletin
1140-1145 11620*DEL 250 kW 334 deg to SoAS English Special Weather nx

* co-ch weak 11620 XIA 500 kW 073 deg to EaAS Eng/Jap China Radio Inter.
nothing // 9940 DEL 100 kW 342 deg to SoAS Urdu scheduled 0830-1130 UT
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

11620 0815-1145 41N      DEL 250 334  706 Mul IND AIR
11620 1315-1500 49,50,54 DEL 250 132  218 Eng IND AIR

INDIA   AIR Chinsurah testing in DRM mode.
All India Radio Chinsurah was noted in DRM mode as per following schedule:

 604 kHz 0130-0300 UT (0700-0830 IST), 0700-0800 UT (1230-1330 IST)

1144 kHz 1115-1315 UT (1645-1845 IST), 1330-1430 UT (1900-2000 IST),
         1515-1600 UT (2045-2130 IST).

Program content FM Rainbow/National Channel.

Currently 594 kHz carries external service, wef 28th June 2016, 594 kHz
will carry newly introduced special Bengali service & 604 kHz will carry
external service in DRM mode.
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia June 23)

INDIA   Akashvani Moitree Channel The special Bengali service from AIR
Chinsurah (1000 kW MW) or Akashvani Maitree Channel will be inaugurated by
Hon'ble President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on 28th June for the listeners in
Bangladesh and West Bengal. The programs can be heard on 594 kHz MW at
0600-1430 IST (0030-0900 UT) and 1530-2300 IST (1000- 1730 UT). The
current External Service programs now broadcast will be aired in DRM mode
on 604 kHz on the same transmitter.
(Alok Dasgupta-IND, via Alokesh Gupta-IND, June 16, DXindia yg via dxld)

INDIA   AIR to revive Bangla service - 'Probably one of its kind in the
world'. Our Special Correspondent.

New Delhi, June 20: All India Radio will re-launch its special Bangla
service for Bangladesh after a gap of six years, adding a cultural content
to the news bulletins that conveyed India's perspective on global affairs.

The service, which began during the Liberation War of 1971, was
discontinued in 2010 when the old transmitter in Calcutta broke down.

A strengthened transmitter with a higher capacity has now been installed
in Chinsurah following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Dhaka visit last
year, Prasar Bharati sources said.

Full story at:
(via Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, June 20, dx_india yg via dxld June 22)

INDIA   AIR Trivandrum to bring in new tower.

With the collapse of the 122-metre tower of the All India Radio's (AIR)
Thiruvananthapuram station at Manvila, in the heavy rain on Friday, the
AIR is broadcasting news on FM channel, a long-pending demand put on hold
due to regulatory mechanism.

As a temporary arrangement, the station is broadcasting news through
Ananthapuri FM but other programmes will remain suspended till a new tower
is put in place. With the reach of FM limited to a few pockets, a large
number of listeners of AIR will have to a wait for at least a week to
listen to their favourite programmes, including news.

It is for the first time that broadcast of AIR came to a complete halt
after the transmission tower was built in 1973.

According to Station Director, AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, R.C. Gopal radio
listeners at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Kanyakumari will have access
to news on the FM channel.

"Engineers from Chennai have already reached here and they are looking
into all aspects of restoration. It will be restored in a week," he said.
The collapse of the tower will not cause any disruption in other parts of
the State as a 200-kW tower installed in Alappuzha powers broadcast in
other districts, he added.

N. Rajendran, deputy director, AIR, said the tower had been damaged beyond
repair and a new tower would be brought from Chennai. "The 60-metre tower
with 20-kW transmission power will be installed within a week. We have
already started the process of bringing the new tower from Chennai," he
said. The installation of the tower and machinery would cost around Rs.5

The reason for the collapse, he said could be the climatic condition,
including salt corrosion. "It is rare that such strong towers get uprooted
in the impact of winds. There are other AIR towers as old as the one which
collapsed. It could have been structurally weak. So there is no issue of
maintenance here," he said.

AIR to bring in new tower


By Staff Reporter With the collapse of the 122-metre tower of the All
India Radio's (AIR) Thiruvananthapuram station at Manvila.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, <>  DXindia June 21)

INDIA  [Kerala]   When reporting on the collapse of the medium wave tower
of AIR Thiruvantapuram (1161 kHz, 20 kW)


the Mathurbhumi newspaper claims that the station commenced broadcasting
on 30 September 1937. But looking at


the history should be reported differently:


During colonial rule, the erstwhile Travancore State set up the first
Radio Station. The Princely State of Travancore has granted sanction for
the establishment of a Broadcasting Station at Thiruvananthapuram, on 30th
September 1937. His Highness the Maharaja Travancore showed great interest
in broadcasting and formed a committee of the top officials to evaluate
the possibility of installing a Transmitter at the capital

His Highness Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma inaugurated the
Travancore State Broadcasting Station on 12th March 1943. The 5 KW Medium
Wave Transmitter was installed at Kulathur and the Studio was located at
old MLA Quarters. At that time two hours broadcasting on Friday evenings
were aired by the station. Later it increased to Four day broadcast per
week. After Independence when the Princely State of Travancore has joined
in Indian Union, the Travancore Broadcasting Station also merged with All
India Radio Network from 1st April 1950".
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, dxld June 19)

FUNCTIONAL.  Tribune News Service, Amritsar, June 18.

With Union Finance and Information and Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley
to visit Amritsar tomorrow, city residents demand his intervention in
starting the high-power radio station installed near the International
Border (IB) with Pakistan at Gharinda village (Amritsar).

Work on the installation of the radio station was started in 2007, but it
is yet to become operational. A vigilant citizen, Harjap Singh Aujla, said
Jaitley's visit must be utilised to remind him about the long delay in the
operationalisation of the All India Radio here.

More at:
(via Alokesh Gupta-IND, June 20, DXindia, dxld)

INDIA    AIR Bangalore DRM sked.

Please note that from last weekend DRM from Bangalore has restarted
on 7550 & 11620 kHz. It will restart soon on 17895 kHz.

Full sked is in:


(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, <>  DXindia June 21)

INDIA   11739.986  AIR Sinhala language sce to Sri Lanka island, from AIR
Goa Panaji site, odd Marconi unit frequency. S=6 or -94dBm in Eastern

Checked the 25 to 13 meterbands during 0000-0100 UT gap on remote SDR unit
in eastern Thailand, close to Cambodian border coast line.

12024.984  odd frequency of AIR Goa Panaji outlet in Hindi language,
at 1722 UT on June 26, S=9+15dB or -59dBm signal strength.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25 / 26)

INDIA   AIR Trivandrum, Kolkata

The launch of All India Radio's new channel "Akashvani Maitree", which was
scheduled in Kolkata on Tuesday, has been postponed due to "unforseen
reasons," Prasar Bharati officials said today.

The channel aims at providing a common platform for participatory content
creation for listeners in India and Bangladesh.

New dates for the launch would be announced later, the officials said. The
Bengali language service channel was to be launched by President Pranab
Mukherjee at a function in Kolkata on June 28.


(Sudipta Ghosh-IND, via Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia June 26)

INDIA   AIR seeks listener's feedback & reception reports online.

Message from All India Radio, SMS Division:

Important announcement for our listeners all over the world.

As you know that All India radio is regularly receiving reception
reports/feedback from various listeners residing in India and abroad.
In this regard, a feedback form was provided on our website


Now, All India Radio has created a 'Listeners Corner' section on its

where listeners may have several useful information. A special direkt link
named *Reception Report / Feedback from Listeners along with mandatory one
time Listener Registration*


is created to send the feedback online on our services.

We may issue e-QSL also. All the listeners are requested to send their
reports/ feedback through this link in the future.

Link to 'Listener's Corner':


(Alokesh Gupta-IND, June 15, DXindia yg via dxld June 15)

INDONESIA   7289.94  RRI Nabire on tonight (June 9) with extended
transmission to 0851* UT with man talking with animated speech as in drama
program 0800-0844 UT. Reception was from Perseus site in Edmonton on a
west-facing beverage. Occasional woman heard at 0816, 0828, and 0844 UT.

Some music prior to 0800 UT but the signal was only poor at this time.
Tuned at 0747 UT at barely audible level, best in AM mode. After 0755 UT
signal improved to Fair level in LSB mode and continued slow improvement
until 0851* UT. In this period the transmitter hum was clearly audible
with slight audio distortion. Woman singing with instrumental (drums)
accompaniment at 0844 to 0848.5 UT followed by man ancr to 0851 UT.
(Bruce Churchill-CA-USA, dxld yg June 15)

Politicians in Ireland are backing away from earlier plans by RTE to shut
down the 300 kW Longwave transmitter in County Meath. Surveys of parts of
the Irish diaspora in Britain are a factor, as is the rather unstable
parliamentary arithmetic in the Irish Dail [pronounced Doyle]/House of

BTW, if you check those European SDRs, even some in Britain, RTA3 from
Algeria in French causes a lot of interference to the RTE1 signal on 252
kHz. There was a big Algerian upgrade last year. I am less than 30 miles
away. My reception of RTE LW is OK but the Algerian comes in strong at
night if I rotate my receiver in a particular direction.

From this Irish Times op-ed, it does seem that the Longwave controversy is
still raging and politicians will tread warily,

(Dr Derek Lynch-IRL, June 10, WoR, dxld June 15)

JAPAN   Yamata - One of the oldest SW BCB TX Sites, more info.

My thanks to Colin for his recent helpful notes on Yamata. I recently
pursued more information about the Yamata SW transmitter site with an
inquiry to a helpful Japanese DXer re our quest to find the oldest
international SW BCB tx site transmitting a broadcast (non-utility) radio
program to at least another continent (external to shortwave TX site),
e.g. Asia to North America. Here's the informative & insightful response
that should be of interest.
Ian, SWtxsite.

Yamata transmitter site was built in 1940; some test transmission between
1940-1944 (at that time Nazaki TX site was mainly used). First SW
transmission to Asia and Europe using 10/50 kW transmitter was recorded in
January 1944.

Overseas SW transmission was stopped by US occupation forces between
1945-1952. But even between 1945-1952, SW BC transmission was continued -
special SW transmission to the overseas Japanese. After 1952, the site has
been exclusively used for Radio Japan's overseas SW service to now. So
Yamata site seem to be one of the oldest SW transmission sites which is
now in operation.

There was another SW site "Nazaki" nearby. Nazaki SW site began SW
transmission to Asia, Europe, and North America in 1934. The site was
stopped operation by US occupation forces between 1945-1952. After 1952,
the site was used by Radio Japan's overseas SW transmission until 1969.
After 1969 the site was used for utility purposes until 2009. The site was
closed and demolished in 2009.
(Takahito A. [Japan] 19 June 2016 to Ian)

Concerning Nazaki, my 'previous notes' indicated users as:
Radio Tokyo, AFRS, NHK Domestic Serv. Ch2. Start Date: 1/06/1935. Last BC
transmission: 1974. Decommissioned date: May to Nov 2010.
(Ian, shortwavesites yg, direct / via dxld)

MADAGASCAR   Logs noted here in southern Germany, at 0435-0455 UT June 17:

9480even, new nice WCB signal, played rather non-religious like West-
African swinging music. At 0454-0455 UT station or program provider ID
given, ... '1640...' number ? S=7-8 or -82dBm signal strength.

9480even fq. Noted fluttery signal of WBC with Africa Parkway ID at 0446
UT, S=7-8 or -82dBm signal at 0410 UT on June 27. Sermon in English, read
about family life, Bible reading learning...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 17/27)

9480  African Pathways Radio - Mahajanga, at 0436-0456* UT on June 26,
English language religious features with several IDs and frequency
announcements heard. Closed at 0453 UT with a woman singing "Smile".
Carrier terminated after song. Fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer June 26)

MADEIRA   1550 MW, Posto Emissor do Funchal, Poiso, at 0447-0506 UT on
June 05, Portuguese and English songs, ID: "Boa noite, Posto Emissor do
Funchal, a sua companhia", 13221.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP; via Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

MARIANA ISLS  [SAIPAN / TAINAN]  17785.054 kHz  odd frequency at 0030-0100
UT on June 25, heard IBB RFA Burmese service from Saipan Mariana Islands
relay, couldn't find any listings yet.

S=9+15dB or -61dBm signal in eastern Thailand remote post.
// 15700 kHz IBB Tinian, 12115 kHz IBB Kuwait.

Also noted IBB Tinian on 15690 kHz RFA Laotian language,
S=9 signal.

Checked the 25 to 13 meterbands during 0000-0100 UT gap on remote SDR unit
in eastern Thailand, close to Cambodian border coast line.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

MEXICO   6185  Radio Educacion, Ciudad de Mexico, at 0428-0555 UT on June
05 and 11, Spanish comments, ID: "Radio Educacion", "En este programa
musical...", canciones, classical music, 23322. Also heard at 0450-0504*
UT on June 19, songs, Spanish, comments, ID: "Radio Educacion", 24322.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP; via Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

MEXICO   QSL's: I received a nice registered mail package from 6185 kHz -
Mexico, Radio Educacion, this week. Inside was a letter from the director,
a station pennant, decal, and a full color QSL, for a reception report
submitted 1 June, 2014 (743 days).
(John Cooper-PA-USA, NASWA Flashsheet June 19 via dxld)

MONGOLIA   17729.876  very odd fq aligned Ulanbataar warm-up already
carrier on air early at 0047 UT on June 25, waiting for scheduled sce
performance of scheduled 0100-0300 UT RFA Tibetan sce.

Checked the 25 to 13 meterbands during 0000-0100 UT gap on remote SDR unit
in eastern Thailand, close to Cambodian border coast line.

But from 0052 UT heard another program feed broadcast, seemingly present
LOCAL Mongolian sce from Ulanbataar Khonkhor - Mongolia SW site relay ...
outlet, RFA, probably to fill the gap til 0100 UT ?

RFA scheduled regularly 0100-0300 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

MYANMAR   9730  Myanmar Radio, at 1127-1130* UT on June 26. In vernacular;
start of their singing ID jingle, which was cut off early.

Recently have noted it takes a minute or less to switch frequencies
from 9730 to 5985 kHz.
5985, Myanmar Radio, *1130 UT on June 26
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and dxld June 26)

NEW ZEALAND   Radio NZi - 24 June 2016.
Information for individual analogue short-wave listeners in the
Pacific region.

RNZ International (RNZI) is retiring its 27-year-old analogue-only short-
wave transmitter and moving to a one-transmitter operation.

From 1 July 2016 we will be using our newer digital/analogue transmitter
and swapping between its digital short-wave and analogue short-wave modes
throughout each day.

The digital short-wave mode delivers a signal to relaying Pacific
stations, and the analogue short-wave mode reaches individual short-wave

RNZI has made the decision not to replace the old short-wave transmitter,
but to instead maximize the flexibility of our newer short-wave
transmitter by using either its analogue or digital mode to deliver to
different audiences at different times of the day.

We are also focusing on broadening the options for delivering our signal
to relaying radio stations. These stations broadcast our daily news and
current affairs content over their own local stations - and allow us to
reach a large local Pacific audience.

By working with partners like the BBC World Service (Pacific stream) and
Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited (PCBL) (which includes the former
TVNZ satellite service) we've been extending our content delivery via
satellite. We'll be continuing to focus on this as a complimentary
delivery to the DRM digital short-wave service.

RNZI's online content and delivery, partnerships and use of our specialist
content by individuals, media and organisations in the Pacific and
worldwide, is also growing.

The move to a one-transmitter operation will result in a reduced service
to current individual short-wave listeners in the region. RNZI will still
broadcast in analogue short-wave for extensive periods of each day, but
there won't be a 24 hour service as there has been. This is likely to be
most felt during breakfast hours when we will need to broadcast a digital
signal for relaying stations, rather than an analogue one.

However, RNZI remains committed towards providing an analogue short-wave
service for individual listeners across the Pacific. Our role in warning
about, and covering, cyclones remains especially important. During cyclone
season, RNZI has the flexibility to choose to broadcast entirely in
analogue if we need to temporarily provide a fulltime service to
individual listeners.

Over time we hope more individuals will be able to access our content
online access the region. Online use of RNZI is growing quickly with
Pacific visitors and others now increasingly accessing content on the RNZI

And in future years, as stations adopt other ways of receiving our signal,
we may be able to devote more of our short-wave transmission capacity back
into broadcasting in analogue.

With a mix of analogue short-wave, digital DRM short-wave, satellite,
partnerships and online content delivery, we remain in a solid position to
deliver our unique Pacific content to audiences in the region and beyond.

Our analogue and digital frequency schedule is available at
along with with updated broadcast times.

Linden Clark
RNZI Manager
Radio New Zealand, June 24

<Linden.clark -at->    <info -at->

(via Bruce F.'ataraxiaguy', via Mike Terry-UK  BrDXC-UK via dxld June 24)

A strange press release text received today.
RNZi has made the decision not to replace the old Thomson made short-wave
transmitter of 1989 / 1990 year.

I guess the Swiss-French made AM/DRM tx of Ampegon-Thales in Rangitaiki
is already few years in performance service, at least since Nov 2006 year.

And the other unit of Thomson is of approx. 1989 / 1990 year.

that's the future in radio,
to move service to web online access on the Pacific outer islands too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 24)

PHILIPPINES   Two FEBC Bocaue site signals observed this June 25 morning.

15435.004  FEBC Shan language program, S=8-9 proper signal logged in
eastern Thailand remote post. Girl singer program.

But suffered by strange 4 kHz wide UTE scratching signal on 15431-15435
kHz range at lower side flank.

15639.978  FEBC Bocaue in Burmese language, S=9+5dB or -70dBm.

Checked the 25 to 13 meterbands during 0000-0100 UT gap on remote SDR unit
in eastern Thailand, close to Cambodian border coast line.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

RUSSIA   Moscow Information DX Bulletin midxb #1000, June 21

Today's release MIDHB jubilee, thousandth.
I could suggest revision Bulletin quarter of a century ago that the
edition will live up to the release four-digit number? Our publication has
come a long way from the print edition with monthly output in the light
and unique information, which nowhere else.

He did not have to release weekly electronic competing with instant
electronic messaging. I want to express confidence that our e-newsletter
will keep the mark, bringing to readers the important systematize

Rowan form, serving not only the source of news on the far radio
reception, but also to help readers find useful and interesting
information, which can pass them in our crowded world of information.
(Eds., midxb #1000, June 21;  <rusmidxb -at-> )

RUSSIA   Heard on the LW / MW in Russia?
The radio station "Mayak" from Makhachkala on MW 918 kHz continued
(Message to the WEB page "Victor City". Victor Rutkowski Editor.
Ekaterinburg-RUS, via RUSdx June 26)

SAUDI ARABIA   15379.968  very odd fq outlet from Riyadh BSKSA, HQ prayer
heard at 1213 UT on June 25. S=6-7 signal in east coast MA-NJ-USA remote
unit, but rather S=9+30dB in Madrid Europe on Iberean peninsula.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

SRI LANKA   15430  AWR, at 1305-1317 UT on June 20. In English with strong
anti-animal flesh eating talk; address:
AWR, Post Box 17, Poona [aka Pune] 411 001, Maharashtra, India.
fair signal.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, hcdx June 21)

SRI LANKA   Test frequencies of Deutsche Welle
via SLBC Trincomalee bcast center station.

   UTC     kHz  loc pwr    azi        target  lang
0300-0400 15255 TRM 250 kW 255 deg to EaAF   Swahili June 28 to July 1
0400-0500 15255 TRM 250 kW 255 deg to EaAF   English June 28 to July 1
0400-0500 17800 TRM 250 kW 255 deg to EaAF   English June 28 to July 1
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 21)

SRI LANKA   11750even accurate frequency. SLBC Trincomalee in Sinhala
language, observed at 1728 UT on June 26. S=8-9 or -78dBm signal strength.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

SWAN ISLANDS   Signal from Swan Islands (ex-QTH Radio Swan for Cuba)
this time coming from amateur radio station HQ8S.
spotted at

"The islands gained attention in the early 1960s due to the activities of
Radio Swan, that began broadcasting in May 1960 during preparation for,
and during, the abortive Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba. The station was
removed from the islands in the late 1960s and its main transmitter was
transferred for use in the Vietnam War."


(Harald Kuhl-D  DL1ABJ, BrDXC-UK yg June 16; direct and dxld)

SWAZILAND   11699.994  TWR Africa via TWR Manzini Swaziland relay site,
Amharic language service at 1728 UT on June 26. A lot of HoA music towards
Eritrea / Ethiopia.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

SYRIA   June 12, 2016. Transfer of the Russian service of "Radio Damascus"
with a good quality, you can listen on the web at the following address:

< / RCham / RChamLive / playlist.m3u8.

Interestingly, on Sunday broadcast issues pal program "We and the
audience." The site of the radio station:


here are laid out recordings of broadcasts per week.
("DX COURIER" Basil Gulyaev. Astrakhan-RUS, RUSdx June 26)

TAIWAN   15070.207  SoH Sound of Hope, Taiwan Chinese language tiny signal
S=3-4 or -104dBm, at 0010 UT on June 25.

Checked the 25 to 13 meterbands during 0000-0100 UT gap on remote SDR unit
in eastern Thailand, close to Cambodian border coast line.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

TAIWAN   RTI HKO Info 3-2016.   Direktausstrahlung aus Taiwan 2016.

Liebe Mitglieder und Freunde des RTI Hoererklubs Ottenau,
hier eine aktuelle Information, die ich heute von Bihui erhalten habe.

Ich hoffe auf einen guten Empfang der Direktsendungen und bedanke mich bei
RTI fuer diese Sonderausstrahlungen.
(Bernd Seiser-D und Paul Gager-AUT, via wwdxc germany June 24)

Hallo alle zusammen, auch in diesem Jahr wird deutsches Programm direkt
aus Taiwan ausgestrahltet. Die Empfangsberichte fuer diese
Direktausstrahlungen werden wir mit Sonder-QSL Karten bestaetigen.

Der entsprechende Antrag ist gerade gebilligt worden. Angehaengt ist der
Ausstrahlungsplan. Wir hoffen auf rege Beteiligung!
und bitte die Informationen weiterleiten!
Viele Gruesse aus Taipei

RTI strahlt im August, September und Oktober 2016 das deutschsprachige
Programm an mehreren Tagen direkt von der Sendeanlage Tamshui in Taiwan

Empfangsberichte ueber die Direktausstrahlungen auf der Frequenz 11665 kHz
bestaetigt RTI mit einer Sonder-QSL-Karte, von der Sendeanlage Tamsui

26.08.2016, 1600 bis 1700 Uhr UTC
27.08.2016, 1600 bis 1700 Uhr UTC
28.08.2016, 1600 bis 1700 Uhr UTC
02.09.2016, 1600 bis 1700 Uhr UTC
03.09.2016, 1600 bis 1700 Uhr UTC
04.09.2016, 1600 bis 1700 Uhr UTC

01.10.2016, 1000 bis 1100 UTC
02.10.2016, 1000 bis 1100 UTC
03.10.2016, 1000 bis 1100 UTC
08.10.2016, 1000 bis 1100 UTC
09.10.2016, 1000 bis 1100 UTC
10.10.2016, 1000 bis 1100 UTC DRM

22.07.2016, 1600 bis 1610 Uhr UTC
22.07.2016, 1620 bis 1630 Uhr UTC DRM
(Paul Gager-AUT, via wwdxc germany June 24)

TAJIKISTAN   4765.00  Tajik R 1, Yangiyul, at *2259-2345 UT on June 07,
sudden s/on with non-stop Tajik pop songs until short ann in Tajik by a
female at 2327 UT, followed by more songs. Very different from usual early
morning programmes. Perhaps a kind of Ramadan programme ? 45333.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

19060hx  Tajik R, Home Service, Yangiyul, Dushanbe, at 0400 UT on June 10,
Tajik ID "Indzha Dushanbe" and news, (better signal was on hx14295 kHz and
tiny sound on hx9530 kHz - all harmonics of fundamental 4765 kHz which was
not heard during the daytime here and someone may check for their 4th, 5th
harmonics ?), 25542.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL; via Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

TANZANIA/ {BRAZIL ? probably}   11735even fq of Zanzibar Broadcasting C.,
surprisingly rather poor to fair signal strength of north-south dipole
curtain at Dole Zanzibar island, heard in RSA at 1626 UT on June 24. S=6
or -90dBm tiny, some Swahili service drums singer/mx.

Observed on remote SDR unit, thanks Bell at Simonstown, Republic of South

11734.983 odd fq, Co-channel another tiny weak signal, probably from
Brazil Radio Transmundial (RTM), Santa Maria RS.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 24)

THAILAND   15589.963  Thin weak Radio Thailand Bangkok at 0025 UT on June
25, S=4 -102dBm Signal strength. Due of nearby Skip zone of UdornThani
broadcast center site of US IBB organization.

Checked the 25 to 13 meterbands during 0000-0100 UT gap on remote SDR unit
in eastern Thailand, close to Cambodian border coast line.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

TURKEY   11930.022  Voice of Turkey via Emirler bcast center site. Spanish
service at 1630-1727 UT. TX off crash at 17.25:10 UT. S=9+30dB or -49dBm
signal strength here in central/southern part of Europe.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

UAE   11654.986  IBRA  Media Radio Africa in Afar language via Al
Dhabbaya-UAE Babcock relay site, noted at 1622 UT on June 24, S=9 -74dBm
signal strength, observed on remote SDR unit, thanks Bell at Simonstown,
Republic of South Africa.

11755  BBC Hindi sce via Al Dhabbaya-UAE Babcock relay site, S=5 poor and
tiny in RSA remote unit, sce end at -1629 UT on June 24.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 24)

12094.986  BBC Arabic sce via Al Dhabbaya Babcock relay site registered at
17-20 UT, logged around 1718 UT on June 26. S=9+10dB here in southern
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

USA   9265  Frecuencia Al Dia en WINB. Transmision Especial de Frecuencia
Al Dia en WINB. El dia miercoles 22 de Junio se efectuara una transmision
de prueba en la emisora WINB por la frecuencia de 9265 kHz
de 2100-2130 UT.

WINB transmite desde la ciudad de Red Lion, Pennsylvania con un transmisor
de 50 kW.

Invitamos a enviarnos sus reportes de recepcion por la via de you tube
solamente al correo  <dbloise -at->

Los informes seran verificados con una eQSL especial para tal motivo.
Apreciamos la difusion de este mensaje.
Saludos, - Dino Bloise Frecuencia Al Dia Miami, USA, (dxld June 21)

USA   7520  June 19 from 03.30 to 03.59 UT accepted religious broadcasts
in Russian, "The hour your story "through World Harvest Radio
International at a frequency of 7520 kHz, via WHRI Cypress Creek, SC-USA
at 250 kW. Transmission ceased on 03.59 UT, sounded identification in
English and the transmitter is turned off. SINPO: 35433.
(Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan, deneb-radio-dx; midxb #1000, June 21)

USA   11580  Hobart R International via WRMI Okeechobee-FL, at *2030-2059
UT on June 11 and 18, English ID: "This is The Voice of Tasmania, Hobart
Radio International", very nice program of short wave stations interval
signals, 24322.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP; via Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)


Radio Liberty (Radio Svoboda) will stop broadcasting
in Russian shortwave from June 26.

Summer A16 shortwave schedule of Radio Liberty

0400-0500  7435 BIB 100 kW 063 deg to EaEUR
0400-0500  9635 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
0400-0500 17770 UDO 250 kW 021 deg to FE RUS
0500-0700  9635 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
0500-0700 12015 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
0500-0700 17770 KWT 250 kW 035 deg to FE RUS
0700-0800  9635 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
0700-0800 15195 LAM 100 kW 077 deg to CeEUR
0700-0800 17770 LAM 100 kW 053 deg to CeEUR

0900-1100 15195 LAM 100 kW 077 deg to EaEUR
0900-1100 17770 PHT 250 kW 349 deg to FE RUS
{0900-1100 UT slot, probably Radio Sovoboda / Liberty
in Russian broadcast was the very last broadcast
on shortwave ever on June 26, wb}

1300-1500 13720 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
1300-1500 15195 LAM 100 kW 053 deg to CeAS
1300-1500 17850 LAM 100 kW 053 deg to EaEUR
1500-1600 11945 BIB 100 kW 063 deg to EaEUR
1500-1600 13720 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
1500-1600 17850 LAM 100 kW 053 deg to EaEUR
1600-1700  9790 LAM 100 kW 075 deg to CeAS
1600-1700 13720 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
1700-1800  7475 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
1700-1800  9490 BIB 100 kW 088 deg to CeAS Caucasus Echo
1700-1800  9790 LAM 100 kW 075 deg to CeAS
1700-1800 11780 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
1700-1800 11800 BIB 100 kW 088 deg to CeAS Caucasus Echo
1800-1900  5930 BIB 100 kW 063 deg to EaEUR
1800-1900  5995 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
1800-1900  9840 LAM 100 kW 075 deg to CeAS
1900-2000  5995 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
1900-2000  7475 BIB 100 kW 088 deg to CeAS
1900-2000  9840 LAM 100 kW 075 deg to CeAS
2000-2100  5995 LAM 100 kW 055 deg to EaEUR
2000-2100  7475 BIB 100 kW 088 deg to CeAS
2000-2100  9540 LAM 100 kW 075 deg to CeAS
2100-2200  9540 LAM 100 kW 075 deg to CeAS

(DX RE MIX NEWS #951 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov-BUL, June 13
via dxld June 15)

THOMAS KENT AS NEW PRESIDENT JUNE 10, 2016 [with portrait]


RFE/RL President Thomas Kent, a long time Associated Press journalist, has
been appointed the new President of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
(RFE/RL), Chairman of the network's Board of Directors Jeff Shell
announced today.

"Tom was chosen in a competitive selection process from a strong field of
candidates," Shell said. "RFE/RL will benefit enormously from such an
outstanding leader. His track record in digital news expansion and his
collaborative leadership style aligns with the board's vision of a
unified, innovative and effective U.S. International Media."

Mr. Kent is a skilled media executive with extensive experience in
management, international reporting and journalism standards development.
He has worked at The Associated Press since 1972, filling roles such as
Moscow Bureau Chief, International Editor, Deputy Managing Editor and,
most recently, Standards Editor. In these positions, he played a leading
role in the editorial and technical transformation of AP into a fully
digital news organization. He has also been involved in corporate
strategic planning and the development of new multimedia services.

Commenting on Kent's appointment, BBG CEO and Director, John F. Lansing
said, "Our winning strategy is our talented staff. Tom joins a cadre of
committed journalists around the world with the simple goal of ensuring
that everyone has access to impartial, independent and professional news
and information about their communities that helps citizens take more
control over their lives.

"He brings extensive experience in developing successful digital media
strategies and joins us at a highly dynamic time when BBG networks are
streamlining and employing content in creative and impactful ways. I am
thrilled to welcome him on board."

"I am honored to be leading RFE/RL," Kent said. "I look forward to joining
its highly skilled team as we create great journalism across languages and

Kent has served as a member of the advisory board of the Ethical
Journalism Network, leader of the Online News Association's Build Your Own
Ethics Code project, advisor for the Society of Professional Journalists
and international reporting juror for the Pulitzer Prize Prizes. He has
written and spoken extensively on journalism ethics and has a particular
interest in Russian news media. Kent has taught at the Harriman Institute
at Columbia University and has guest lectured at Yale University, Moscow
State University, St. Petersburg University of Trade Unions, Columbia Law
School, and New York University, among others. He speaks four languages
and is fluent in Russian. He is a graduate of Yale University.

Shell and Lansing praised Acting RFE/RL President Nenad Pejic for his
leadership and guidance since taking over after Kevin Klose stepped down
in 2015.

"I am delighted to hand over the reins to Tom." said Nenad Pejic, Acting
RFE/RL President. "I believe his passion for journalism will ensure that
RFE/RL continues to deliver programs that have a positive effect on
people's lives."

About RFE/RL

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) is an award winning, private,
nonprofit, multimedia broadcasting corporation that serves as a surrogate
media source in 28 languages and in 23 countries, including Afghanistan,
Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and Ukraine. It is headquartered in Prague with
17 local bureaus and more than 1,000 journalists throughout its broadcast

Reaching more than 23.6 million people each week, RFE/RL provides what
many people cannot get locally: uncensored local and regional news,
responsible discussion, and open debate via radio, television, and digital
media. Recently the network has been recognized for excellence by the New
York Festivals, AIB Awards, Webby and Webby People's Choice, and its
journalists have won awards for investigative journalism, excellence in
documentaries, and quality reporting.

About BBG

The Broadcasting Board of Governors is an independent federal agency,
supervising all U.S. government-supported, civilian international media,
whose mission is to inform, engage and connect people around the world in
support of freedom and democracy. BBG networks include the Voice of
America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Middle East Broadcasting
Networks (Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa), Radio Free Asia, and the Office of
Cuba Broadcasting (Radio and TV Marti). BBG programming has a measured
audience of 226 million in more than 100 countries and in 61 languages.

BBG - 330 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington DC 20237, USA.
phone?  1-202.203.4400
(BBG PR via Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, dxld June 15)

UZBEKISTAN   7620  Korean language, veiled bcast of Voice of Wilderness
via Tashkent site, accompanied by co-channel North Korean fast DITTER
jamming, heard on June 27 at 1400 UT, logged on remote Brisbane unit in
downunder Australia. S=9 or -73dBm strength.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 27)

VATICAN STATE   Vatican Radio in English & unscheduled in Armenian,
on June 24
1130-1200 17590 SMG 100 kW 112 deg to NE/ME English Holy Mass Fri
1130-1200 21560 SMG 100 kW 113 deg to NE/ME English Holy Mass Fri
1200-1220 17590 SMG 100 kW 112 deg to NE/ME Armenian*, not Italian
1200-1220 21560 SMG 100 kW 185 deg to CeAF  Armenian*, not Italian.

Vatican R special px, Pope Francis in Armenia, June 25

0645-0912 15595 SMG 250 kW 89 deg to CeAs English/French/Armenian*
0645-0912 17590 SMG 250 kW 72 deg to CeAs English/French/Armenian*
1442-1545 15370 SMG 250 kW 89 deg to CeAs English/French/Armenian*
1442-1545 15485 SMG 250 kW 72 deg to CeAs English/French/Armenian*

{* Pope's visit speech to Yerevan Armenia on June 24 / 25, wb.}
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

ZAMBIA   9680  Voice of Hope (Lusaka) at *0458-0510+ UT on 16 June. IS/ID
loop ("From Zambia to the world, this is the Voice of Hope, Africa.."),
TOH ID: "This is the Voice of Hope, broadcasting to all of Africa on
frequency 9-6-8-0 kilohertz..", opening hymn, local announcer with ID and
program preview.
(Dan Sheedy, Encinitas, CA-USA, dxld June 26)


TBS comment.
During the past year the previous trend, that Tropical shortwave stations
slowly disappear, continued throughout the world. The reason is, that
other media get higher priority, than keeping elderly shortwave
transmitters alive. However, there was only a minor fall from 147 last
year to 138 frequencies this year.

Here are some domestic broadcasting stations on the Tropical Bands,
which have closed down during the past year:

kHz  kW  Station Country Last log
3205 10  NBC Sandaun, Vanimo Papua New Guinea      APR15
3210  1  Vintage FM Relay, Razorback Australia     JAN15
3380  1  Centro Radiofonico Imbabura Ecuador       SEP14
3905 10  NBC New Ireland, Kavieng Papua New Guinea APR15
4319  3  AFRTS Feeder, Diego Garcia Diego Garcia   DEC14
4716.7 1 R Yatun Ayllu Yura, S. Antonio Bolivia    APR15
4765 10  R Rural, Santarem Brazil  JAN15
4789.9 0.5 R Vision, Chiclayo Peru APR15
4820 50  AIR, Kolkata India        JAN15
4860 50  AIR, Shimla India         APR15
4885  1  R Maria, Anapolis Brazil  SEP14
4975  1  R Iguatemi, Osasco Brazil APR15
4976 10  UBC R, Kampala Uganda     APR15
(Anker Petersen-DEN, DSWCI Short Wave News - June 2016, direct / dxld)


Some logs of last UTC night June 22 / 23.

11635even CHN  mainland scratching WHITE NOISE jamming, against
          Radio Taiwan Chinese sce, in range 11631.2-11638.9 kHz,
          2350 UT on June 22 at S=9 signal level.
11645even IND  AIR English sce in AM mode (2 Hz lower side),
          and also // 11710even kHz. S=9+10dB into Central Europe.
          String instrument mx at 2353 UT on June 22.
          But a lot of QRM by Holy Quran prayer of Sultanate Oman
          Radio of powerhouse adjacent 11650 kHz, latter S=9+35dB.
11739.984 IND  AIR Hindi music at 2328 UT on June 22, Tamil program
          registered start at 0000 UT, S=9+15dB signal.
          QRM of co-channel CNR2 on 11740even.
11780.010 BRA  Fluttery PortBras program of RNB/RNA, 0000 UT S=7-8 here in
          southern Germany, down winter season decrease in 25 mb,
          6180 kHz is much better these days. QRM of CRI Chinese program
          transmission from Jinhua on ven 11780 kHz.
11815.021 BRA  Poor tiny S=5 Radio Brasil Central signal at 0005 UT
          on June 23.
11854.906 BRA  Radio Aparecida Brazil poor S=5 like -94dBm. Heavy
          interference of Sana'a excile radio in Arabic from ARS site
          at 11859.999 kHz on S=9+10dB signal strength, heard at remote
          Doha Qatar site at 0010 UT on June 23.

> EGYPT  12085.050, June 22 at 0530 UT, R. Cairo is S=9 with music and
motorboating. This awful mess also stops my BST-1 caradio scan after 0200
UT, as it's in the memory for Radio Australia in the morning.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 22)

12026.830 ???  distorted Radio signal, S=7-8 scratching,
          at 0015 UT June 23 some Arabic mx.
          IRIB Sirjan Iran of 12025 kHz ?

Some distorted Radio Cairo on odd 12070.5 kHz {or spurious?} equal like
FEBC Iba site in PHL in Chinese, latter on 12069.974 kHz. S=8 in Germany.
Spur signals each approx. 13 kHz apart distance between 11918 and 12038
kHz, terrible garden fence like spurs visible. 0030 UT June 23.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22 / 23)


Some logs of remote SDR unit Mediterranean area, in Greece, Italy,
and Spain, on June 27 at 0405-0450 UT.

9480even fq. Noted fluttery signal of WBC with Africa Parkway ID at 0446
UT, S=7-8 or -82dBm signal at 0410 UT on June 27. Sermon in English, read
about family life, Bible reading learning...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 27)

6180.031  BRA  RNB/RNA Brasilia, some Brazilian canciones heard at 0422 UT
          on June 27. S=9+15db or -57dBm strength.

6175.003  USA  Some Babcock Cello music - end of transmission - procedure
          noted at 0427 UT, end of VoVietnam via US Furman SC site relay,
          at 0300-0427 UT. Followed by a local religious program on
          beliver newsletter, via WRHI1 audio feed at 0427
          til 04.30:23 UT crash TX switch OFF. S=9 or -73dBm strength
          here in Europe, via across the Atlantic ocean.

6110even  ETH  exact fq. R Fana played HoA music/singer at 0432 UT on
          June 27. Proper S=7-8 signal even surprisingly after morning
          EaAF fade-out towards Europe.

5950even  ETH  exact fq, similar signal strength also here with HoA music,
          probably Voice of Tigray Revolution radio, undoubtedly with
          more than fair S=7-8 or -81dBm signal, nice signal at 0438 UT
          on June 27.

6090even  Anguilla on air, but nothing noted of Kaduna Nigeria, or
          Brazilian Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo SP, at 0435 UT.

6069.980  CAN  CFRX Toronto, poor S=4-5 signal into European area,
          heard at 0434 UT on June 27.

5939.851  BRA  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, SC, poor S=4 or -102dBm signal,
          but could understand Brazilian-Port sermon prayer at 0441 UT.

5910even  F   NHK World Radio Japan Japanese sce 03-05 UT via TDF Issoudun
          monitored at 0443 UT on June 27, S=9+25dB powerful -49dBm signal
          female Japanese presenter, played US American love song.

6165even  only NHK Russian sce via Sitkunai Lithuania heard,
          and underneath RHC Bauta Cuba service too,
          BUT NOTHING noted from N'djamena Tschad Sahel zone broadcast.

Some logs of remote SDR unit at New Delhi India June 27 at 0450-0530 UT.

6025even  CHN  PBS Xizang Lhasa Tibet, at 0450 UT Tibetan service even
          during morning path S=9 signal or -70dBm proper across
          Himalaya mountain, into northern Delhi India. // flute mx on
          6110 and 6130 kHz too.
          Similar Chinese language sce from Lhasa Tibet on 6050even kHz.

7220even  CHN  CNR2 via Geermu CHN, Chinese sce at 0453 UT.

7245even  TJK  Voice of Tajik Dushanbe, scheduled in Persian, S=7 signal
          at 0454 UT on June 27.

7265even  UNID carrier, S=9+10dB at 0455 UT. Probably parked
          Azad Kashmir TX at Islamabad Pakistan ?

7380.005  IND  AIR Chennai, Tamil Nadu, ID in Hindi at 0458 UT given,
          S=9+10dB or -64dBm.

7420even  IND  AIR Hyderabad, Telingana, probably in Hindi or Telegu,
          S=8-9 or -72dBm at 0512 UT on JUne 27.

7429.998  IND  AIR Bhopal, Hindi program, drums instruments +
          Subcontinental singer performance. At 0514 UT on June 27,
          S=9+10dB or -63dBm signal. Nice AUDIO QUALITY !
          Also heard female presenter voices.

7470.010  CARRIER noted UNID at Delhi remote unit at 0524 UT on June 27.
          Most probably CNR 2 China mainland jamming station parked here
          See 7470 Aoki list marked with (*) asterix for jamming suffers,
          at other times of the day used for US RFA Tibetan programs
          via Ulanbataar Mongolia relay site in 11-14 UT slot.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 27)


Hamradio 2016 images


# # #

My little tour in pictures of this weekend's Ham Radio 2016
in Friedrichshafen, Germany is now attached to my website:



73 from Salzburg Austria, Christoph oe2crm, A-DX ng June 26

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