Canadian Liberation March (ON35CLM)

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10/15 to 11/14/2016


The First Canadian Army was Canada's principal fighting arm in northwest Europe during World War II.  A powerful strike force under the command of Canadian General Harry Crerar, it included the 2nd Canadian Corps, as well as large contingents of British, Polish, American and Dutch infantry and armoured troops. Since the Battle of Normandy in the summer of 1944, the Army had formed the left flank of the Allied advance towards Germany — with the First Canadians liberating ports and cities along the Channel Coast of France and Belgium.

Upon reaching Belgium, the First Canadian Army was ordered to clear the banks of the wide, multi-channelled Scheldt River between the North Sea the port of Antwerp. It was a treacherous landscape for attacking troops to operate in — flat, soggy, sometimes-flooded land, situated below sea level and enclosed by a series of dykes.


These events have been celebrated for many years by Belgium and the Netherlands. The special event station ON35CLM is QRV from 15/10/2016 until 14/11/2016.

The award may be earned for amateur operators by making one QSO with the special event station and for SWL’s to make one observation. The award is free of charge. To apply for the award, just go to and fill in the data form per their requirements. If the system finds the QSO, you will receive an e-mail with your award as an attachment to be printed on your equipment.

Internet:(use this address to see if you were in the log)

Internet: (use this address to apply for the award)

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