Pokémon Go cheat uses Ham Radio tech

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An article posted on the RTL-SDR site describes how to cheat at Pokémon Go using technology developed by radio amateurs

The article describes how used Stefan Kiese decided to see if he could cheat at the game by spoofing his GPS location using GPS-SDR-Sim software developed by Takuji Ebinuma KD5RHJ and the HackRF Software Defined Radio developed by Michael Ossmann AD0NR.

Read the RTL-SDR post at

Original story by by Stefan Kiese

In response to a Tweet about the Pokémon Go cheat post by the YOTA 2016 event in Austria the US national amateur radio society the ARRL has tweeted:
So the Ham Radio operators at #YOTA2016 have embraced Pokemon Go, what should we learn from this? #hamyota
Youngsters On The Air (YOTA) https://twitter.com/hamyota

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